YY's Jewelry Cabinet

Modular Jewelry Cabinet by Talbot & Yoon.

As the 16th century precursors to museums, ‘Wunderkammer’ or ‘cabinets of curiosity’ collected and categorized objects of interest to a specific subject be it geology, ethnography, anthropology, etc for preservation and categorization. In the original terminology ‘cabinet’ did not mean a simple piece of furniture but designated an entire room, which is why these cabinets were originally maintained by the mercantile or aristocratic classes.

In modern architecture —our specific interest— the ‘Wunderkammer’ brings to mind European post-war housing projects such as Le Corbusier’s Unite d’Habitation projects or the housing units at Pessac with individuals inhabiting individual apartments made specific by containing the personal artifacts of those occupying them and amassed as a single building.

This miniature building was originally designed to contain the anthropological artifacts related to Talbot & Yoon’s co-founder Youngjin Yoon however endless variations are possible with the overall size and compartments tailored to your own specific artifacts.

Walnut, Copper, Leather ⠀

Custom orders available upon request.

16in X 16in X 4in

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