Soft Diamond Seat

Modular Seat designed and produced by Talbot & Yoon.

The Soft Diamond Seat is our take on a mid-eighteenth century French tufted furniture type which expanded the widely popular ‘pouf’ to a size that could fit more people, giving it a contemporary spin by using tubes in lieu of buttons. In France at the time members of a salon would sit and discuss the art on their walls from a ‘bourne’ (large ottoman) at the room’s center.

This updated version is not limited to a room's center however as the shape of the Soft Diamond Seat is based on a diamond-grid and we can work with you to customize it for any setting from pouf to bourne, stool to daybed or even as the bench at the foot of a bed, the possibilities are endless. The upholstery foam is soft which provides plenty of comfort however because of the underlying construction motion does not easily transfer from one diamond unit to the next making it an ideal surface to support a tray if one wanted to use it as more of an ottoman coffee table.

The Soft-Diamond Seat shown here is 100% Wool Felt from Maharam, Upholstery Foam and a welded Hollow Steel Frame making it durable but lightweight. Each foot is supported with a leveling mount concealed from view by the leg's bulk. Custom fabric options are available.

100% Wool Felt, Upholstery Foam, Steel Frame

Size and shape are based on a diamond-grid and are fully customizable. Seat shown is 3’-3”W x 4’-0”D x 1’-4”H

Please contact us via email for customization and pricing.

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