Precast Dry Goods Vessels

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_Precast Vessels-Group Shot.jpg

Precast Dry Goods Vessels

from 150.00

Precast dry goods vessels designed and produced by Talbot & Yoon.

Hand cast concrete and recycled glass aggregates terrazzo container with a solid walnut lid and base. The sculptural form of the Precast Vessels create a beautiful counter top display for every day home use.

Store dry goods such as coffee, sugar, flour etc.

Small + simple top: 4in x 4in x 6in = $150

Small + Cuboid top: 4in x 4in x 7in = $150

Large + O top: 4in x 4in x 10in = $210

Large + X top: 4in x 4in x 10in = $210

* Concrete and solid walnut sealed with food safe finishes.

** All vessels sold individually. 

Designed and made by Talbot & Yoon.

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

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