Sharp Diamond Light

Modular Lighting designed and produced by Talbot & Yoon.

The Sharp Diamond Light pays homage to one of our favorite pieces of brutalist architecture. We envisioned the Sharp Diamond Light as a miniaturized version of the Yale Art Gallery’s ceiling, the building is by Louis Kahn. The intricate folding of the diamond shaped metal modules reflects light from the light source behind downward and outward casting a warm even glow into the room as well as an outline onto the surface on which it is mounted. Use either individually or in groups to form larger compositions, customize the shapes and sizes beyond the standard offerings to make your own unique lighting situations.

The Sharp Diamond Light is constructed from Satin Brass and features an Aluminum Back Panel on which LED’s are mounted. The whole fixture mounts to the wall with screws and can mount to either a junction box directly or can be provided hard-wired with a plug and switch.

Cost given is for option described by dimensions and photographs. We encourage customization.

Satin Brass, Aluminum Back Panel, LED’s

Size and shape are based on a diamond-grid and are fully customizable. Triangular configuration shown is 9”W x 10”H x 3 3/4”D

Please contact us via email for customization and pricing.

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