Garden Urn for East Flatbush

In September 2017 Storefront for Art & Architecture invited Talbot & Yoon to participate in the exhibition titled New New York Icons.

The Garden Urn is Talbot & Yoon’s proposal for a provisional monument to the shifting demography and culture of East Flatbush. Fragments of the area’s representative finials and statuary were assembled in the manner of John Soane’s Pasticcio column and then shrink-wrapped, preserving them as a figural chimera opposed to bricolage. The overlaid pattern, reminiscent of digital surface continuity analysis or an Italian decorative motif or African fauna or a prison uniform, further breaks down the distinction between parts. Future fragments can be similarly synthesized into the Garden Urn’s figure, the monument in continuous revision, accommodating heretofore unknown changes to the neighborhood.  

For more information about the exhibition and for a full list of exhibitors head over to Storefront's website.

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