Architectural Folly

At the beginning of 2019 Talbot & Yoon submitted a proposal to the Socrates Sculpture Park Folly competition.

Part of Socrates Sculpture Park’s identity are its multiple provisional structures which serve specific aspects of the overall park program, there is no distinction between primary or ancillary structures. As a result of their specificity, each structure has a unique character, color, materiality and placement relative to all of the other structures. Because they are concentrated in a relatively small area at the southern end of the park the structures form a composition, their diversity gives life to what would -if isolated from each other- be quite bland utilitarian structures.

We consider this accumulation to be a strategy for space planning, one that works well on a limited budget and over a long period of time. We propose to continue the strategy which we are dubbing ‘Bricolage’ or, the construction of something from a diverse range of available things, into the design of the entry kiosk which can, like the structures that compose the park proper, be used in whole or in part appropriate to the occasion.

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