Talbot & Yoon are an award winning design firm dedicated to creating playful objects, furniture and home accessories. Trained and registered as Architects in the state of New York, founders Mark Talbot and Youngjin Yoon incorporate their architectural thinking into the smaller scale objects that they design for everyday use.

Mission Statement:

Play is a central element of design culture, so why shouldn’t play be facilitated not just by the designated objects of games but by all design objects? Like kids building a fort using cushions from the couch or turning the rug into a racetrack; through character, variation and reconfigurability we want to provide the adult consumer with the same delight from the end product as we experience in  the process of design.

Talbot & Yoon believe that it if it isn’t fun, why bother? This is why we promote play as the central driver of our own productivity and maintain that while the products we sell are ‘finished’ when they leave our studio that they are never truly finished; the end user takes over by actively participating with our design objects both physically and emotionally. We imagine a world of products that people can take home and play with, products that can grow and change as peoples’ needs and desires grow and change. 

All of our products are designed and made by us, one object at a time.

For more about what we think about check out our interview with the Google Design Notes Podcast here.